Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions I get more often than others, so I’ve placed them in this FAQ section. Please read before you contact me.

Is it ok to use the graphics I make from your tutorials for other stuff?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to use the results of your work in any way you see fit. If you did the work, it’s yours baby!

What platform is this site built on?

I built this site on a WordPress back end and created a customized theme from the front. The flexibility of WP made it easy to customize template pages for the different areas of the site, and being able to add custom fields for the article image previews was invaluable.

Do you do link exchange?

The short answer here is no. I’m not a big fan of sites with big lists of links. If I think your site is worth showing off however, I will consider putting it in the Featured Sites section of the site.

Is it ok if I rip your tutorials or translate them on my site?

Actually, this is not a question I get ever. Some people just think they can take whatever they like from my site, graphics, text, and often even entire tutorials and reproduce them for their own gain. Please know, if you steal my tutorials, I will find out (or my loyal users will report you), and I will proceed to file a copyright claim with your hosting provider, who will take immediate action and shut off your site (if they don’t, they are directly liable for the copyright infringement, so they always do).

So let me make this crystal clear… I spend hundreds of hours of my personal free time conceptualizing, developing and writing these lessons and it is not, I repeat, NOT ok to reproduce any of my content elsewhere.

If you feel there is a very good reason you should copy anything from this site, you ask first. Period.

Sounds harsh? Maybe. But my work gets stolen regularly, and I don’t enjoy having to locate and contact these copycats in order to get the copied work removed. It is however always taken down. So save us both the time, yourself the trouble, and use your own creativity.